Timeline Stories

Post dinner is TV time and time for self maintenance e.g foam roller or trigger ball to release tight muscles or self-performed myofascial release.

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Dr Julinda Lee's Lunch

This is usually the meal where I break fast as I often just have coffee or tea only for breakfast. This is also the time where I take the chance to meet up with other colleagues or friends. At the end of lunchtime, I will usually sneak in a 5-minute meditation session prior to seeing patients in the afternoon.

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I get into the clinic at about 8.30am and spend 10 minutes in quiet reflection prior to starting my day. This is how I gather myself, put personal matters aside, so that I can be ready to give myself fully to my patients.

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My day typically starts at 6am on most days of the week, sleeping in is rare, and not needed since I typically sleep by 10pm every night, to give myself a good 8 hours of sleep a night.

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COVID-19 Safety Measures
In line with MOH guidelines relating to social distancing measures, please note that patients are restricted to being accompanied by only 1 person if necessary.
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