Walking The Talk

Dr Julinda Lee Walks the Talk

“I believe that everything starts with intent. Without intention, there can be no goals and no clear instructions on how to get there. Being healthy is just like any other goal that we want to achieve in life. If you want to be healthy but do not have the intention to adopt healthy habits, then health will continue to elude you.”

How does Dr Julinda stay healthy and well? Let us bring you through a day of her life to know!


6.00AM: Rising Early

My day typically starts at 6am on most days of the week, sleeping in is rare, and not needed since I typically sleep by 10pm every night, to give myself a good 8 hours of sleep a night.

7.00 AM: Starting with Exercise

Dr Julinda Lee Exercising

The days start with exercise, about 4 to 5 times a week, a spin class, an outdoor run, or strength workout.  

8.30AM: Dr Julinda Lee at Work

I get into the clinic at about 8.30am and spend 10 minutes in quiet reflection prior to starting my day. This is how I gather myself, put personal matters aside, so that I can be ready to give myself fully to my patients.

12.30PM: Lunch Time

Dr Julinda Lee's Lunch

This is usually the meal where I break fast as I often just have coffee or tea only for breakfast. This is also the time where I take the chance to meet up with other colleagues or friends. At the end of lunchtime, I will usually sneak in a 5-minute meditation session prior to seeing patients in the afternoon.

5.00PM: After Work

I’ll head home for some down-time after work before my dinner plans. Sometimes, I may have a snack if I’m hungry before dinner.

7.00PM: Dinner Time

Dr Julinda Lee's Dinner

Dinner with family is an important time for me, as that is when we catch up with each other on our day.

8.00PM: Rest & Relax

Post dinner is TV time and time for self maintenance e.g foam roller or trigger ball to release tight muscles or self-performed myofascial release.

9.30PM-10.00PM: Bedtime

I’ll usually read before bedtime and be asleep by 9:30 or 10pm.