3 Things to Know about Testosterone Replacement

Dr Julinda Lee Jan 23, 2018

3 Things to Know about Testosterone Replacement


How is Testosterone Replaced?

In very mild cases of andropause, exercise and changing your diet along with supplements may help to increase testosterone levels. In others, testosterone replacement may be considered.

Testosterone may be replaced via different methods including injections, creams, troches or suppositories. Oral testosterone is not usually advised due to the frequency of ingestion required to achieve optimal levels.


What are the Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement?

Testosterone replacement is safe if well monitored. However inappropriate replacement or monitoring may result in benign prostate enlargement giving rise to difficulty with urination, hair loss and increased red blood cells counts.


Can Testosterone Replacement cause prostate cancer?

Testosterone replacement does not increase the risk of prostate cancer. It can however, sometimes make obvious early cases of prostate cancer. In fact, lower testosterone levels are associated with more aggressive forms of prostate cancer.