Dementia and Cognoscopy

Dr Julinda Lee Apr 19, 2018

Dementia and Cognoscopy


What is Dementia

Dementia is a debilitating disease not only for the sufferers but also for the caregivers.  Victims of the disease may suffer from classic Alzheimer’s disease but dementia can also be related to poor blood vessel health, almost like a heart attack of the brain.  Other contributing factors towards dementia include toxins from the environment and the unavailability of nutrients necessary for optimal brain function due to a chronic intake of a calorie rich but nutrient poor food.


Catching Dementia Early:

Cognoscopy is an approach used to assess your risk for dementia.

Waiting for symptoms of cognitive decline before taking action against dementia is like trying to catch the boat after it has set sail. Multiple drug trials have failed to have any meaningful impact on reversing dementia.

Prevention is the only defence against dementia and action needs to start today. A “cognoscopy” is a series of investigations designed to help identify risk factors for dementia so that you can take appropriate steps to reverse and prevent further damage to your precious brain cells. Learn how to give your brain cells the appropriate environment to flourish.